About Me

My life has been a combination of experiences that have included traveling throughout Europe, years studying abroad and pursing knowledge about the world. Asking myself what these experiences combined had led my life towards, it was obvious that I should write about the places where I had traveled and share the insights about those journeys with others. In many ways, traveling started with my family and interest in continuing this quest carried on in my personal hobbies and studies into my adult life. So I owe my childhood outings with family and friends much, thanks to all those I am referring to now.

Anyone who has been on a personal journey to find knowledge, knows that it begins with seeking out the unknown and then following through with this quest. This blog will attempt to document some of my insights, but more importantly it is an exercise in sharing the wonder of the world, as I see it. Nothing excites the mind more than seeing things for the first time and I hope that readers will feel a sense of this. My education has allowed me the ability to express myself with words, my life experiences have allowed me to understand how wide the world really is and my personal love of travel is what carries on in my heart.

So now, as readers begin to explore this world of wonders within these webpages, I hope you will open your minds and hearts. New things await us around every corner that we explore, what do you think we might find as this journey begins. It is always a new adventure, seeing the world for the first time through new and open eyes. This is my blog and it is meant to be yours as well. Come with me and let us find adventure together.