Iceland in Winter is Spectacular

Visiting Iceland in winter is a type of trip that you should prepare for, because expect surprises and beautiful scenery that you can not see in any other place of the world.

The weather can be cold, and it can snow, so be sure to include jackets, gloves and sweaters in your suitcase!
However, Iceland is not all about snow. There are beautiful, stunning and colorful Icelandic Northern Lights that you can see from this part of the world! You will see an array of fluorescent green, orange, purple, red, pink, blue and yellow. They can be observed between September to mid-April, and the best time is at night, when the sky is dark and clear.

Other eye-catching sights to see are frozen Icelandic waterfalls, gorgeous houses, and the Crystal Caves, which have glaciers (with frozen water). The peak season is in summer, and so the season to go is December, January and February – when fewer tourists are visiting, and you can explore better.

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